What is the risk of rabies?

Rabies • Animal bite • Florida • Vaccination • Dog • Cat
Rabies • Animal bite • Florida • Vaccination • Dog • Cat 

I was recently bitten by an unvaccinated dog. Please advise what I should do.

Unmasking the deadly dance of rabies: From the untamed realms of wild creatures like dogs, cats, foxes, wild rats, and even mischievous mongooses, this relentless foe emerges. With a mortality rate of 100%, the specter of rabies casts its dark shadow, leaving no room for mercy.

To ensure safety, wisdom beckons us to take action after any animal encounter. The first crucial step: cleanse the wound with the power of soap and running water, a potent elixir that washes away the lurking rabies-causing organisms.

But the battle is far from over. When visible bleeding persists, the second imperative arises: seek the healing touch of immunoglobulin injections, administered strategically near the site of the bite.

Alongside, the zero doses of rabies vaccination marks the beginning of a carefully choreographed defense, with subsequent doses given on the 3rd, 7th, and 28th days, their magic woven beneath the skin.

Step into the dance of survival, where vigilance and the antidote of vaccination hold the key to thwarting the clutches of this perilous adversary.